The majority of our clients are those Physicians who perform the Independent Medical Examinations dependent upon their medical specialty area.


The Independent Medical Examination is a relatively new, very specialized report type.

The term Independent Medical Examination is a broad heading which includes Independent Examinations for Liability and Automobile injury claims as well as including Workers’ Compensation and all manner of disability examinations.  We regularly transcribe for Physicians performing the IME and WC exams which may include New Jersey State Disability Determination Examinations, Pennsylvania Bureau of Disability Determinations, and Federal Disability Notes and Narratives in addition to requests for Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation Examinations (we transcribe both Plaintiff and Defense Counsel, although not in the same litigation) although we can transcribe any and all manner of reports.  Each and every dictation is kept confidential, and only you and NJ Transcription are privy to the content. Your voice files are destroyed after we return your completed document to you.  We do archive reports at no extra charge for a short period of time (which is helpful should you misplace your office hard copy) but then your archive will also be destroyed after you have secured it on your system.

Specialty Medical Transcripts provided:

Independent Medical Examinations (IME), and Workers’ Compensation Examinations (WC), Liability Examinations, Accidental Disability, Ordinary Disability, Medical Director Reviews, Peer Review Reports, Appeals and Appeal Responses, Need to Treat, Reopener Reports, State Disability Determination Reviews (short-term or long-term disability), and Federal Disability Examinations (long-term disability as well as Disability Narratives).

Medical specialty areas we enjoy transcribing include:

Cardiology, Cardiopulmonary, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Developmental Medicine, Family Practice, Gastroenterology/Gastrointestinal, General Psychiatry, General Practice, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pulmonary, Urgent Care, and Occupational Medicine (for Workers’ Compensation).

We are always available to transcribe the following:

Medical Transcripts:

Basic Medical Transcription Services (although not limited to): Consultations, Operative and Procedure Notes, Basic Medical Records, and Office Notes.

General Transcripts:

Interrogatories, Depositions, Round-table Discussions, Thesis Interviews, Seminar Transcripts, Blind Study Protocol Results, Telephone Interviews, Standard Q & A Transcripts, and Municipal Meeting Notes (Litigation Rebuttal Transcripts).

What we offer:

We offer exceptional turn-around-time for any business, company, individual or institution requiring a hard copy transcript.  If you can provide the audio to us, we can surely transcribe it.

We set up your transcript following standard, acceptable formatting guidelines including medical or legal spacing, standard margins and fonts, offer legal line numbering, and can suggest suitable formatting or follow any specialized format you require.  If you desire, we can suggest various outlines and create a custom template after reviewing a few samples of your previous reports to standardize our transcripts to seamlessly integrate with your records.  We can set up letterhead transcripts (at no extra charge) to match your company bond letterhead so your reports can be printed at your location on standard laser copy paper eliminating the need for utilization of expensive bond paper, and yet your report will still retain your letterhead information and be a professional-looking document.

We take great pride in providing you with a quality document at a reasonable rate.

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