Overview of Upload To Our Secure Server:


We at NJ Transcription constantly and consistently maintain our own “Secure Upload Site” for your voice file uploads and for the return of your documents.

Private Client Vaults:

Each client account is provided with a separate vault location for their reports. Your dictations are not jumbled in with another client’s voice files or reports.  Your voice files are securely placed off of the general “Internet” for strict HIPAA and confidentiality compliance.  Each individual client’s private “vault” is username and password protected, and only you and we (NJ Transcription) have this information.  You will be provided with what are surprisingly brief login instructions which includes your SSL link, username, and password, although we are always available to assist you should you ever encounter any difficulty.

Your upload to our site is exceptionally simple and surprisingly painless, as is the entire transcription turn-around process.  You will receive an on-screen confirmation after your upload is successfully completed (“File Uploaded – please click Okay”), at which time we will simultaneously receive email notification of that upload.  We will then go to work on your project and then you will receive an email notification when we have uploaded your completed finished document.  We have years of experience in transcription and thus have simplified the process to make it painless and efficient for all concerned.

 Strict confidentiality:

We are very pleased to provide our clients with confidential, HIPAA-compliant secure uploads and return of completed documents via our secure webserver vaults.  Not all companies can or will provide this to you.


Our web hosting service maintains our website as “hacker-safe” and we own our own SSL (secure socket layer) certificate.  SSL creates a secure connection between your browser and NJ Transcription.  You will see httpS in your browser address bar indicating such.

Rest assured, all of your work is safe and kept confidential when you utilize

NJ Transcription’s services.


Sample Client Login:

njt login sample

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