We fully support “Country of Origin” transcription. 

This is a sensitive subject so we want to make it clear at the outset:

We have never outsourced voice files nor any work outside of our United States.  We do not condone out of country of origin outsourcing nor do we encourage the newer practice of sending voice files outside of the United States.

All jobs are transcribed right here in the United States where your patients and your medical practice are located!  We honor and strictly follow all HIPAA Compliance Regulations, and always uphold all professional US standards including but not limited to: AAMT, AHIMA, AHA and AHDI rules, and any and all pertinent regulations.  Although other companies (or Physicians) may choose to send their work outside of the US, since this negates the previously-listed compliance regulations, we do not choose to do so.  We feel outsourcing is not in the best interest of our client, the provider of services or the patient, and can ultimately directly affect patient quality of care.

Unfortunately, the newer trend is that other services located here in the US may send work overseas to be transcribed unbeknownst to the Physician.  Many American colloquialisms and/or “Doctor-specific phraseologies” are easily misunderstood by non-US Transcriptionists and those reports may not accurately reflect what was dictated when transcribed by an outsourced Transcriptionist.  There are many “Transcription Humor” groups on Facebook with entries showing the difference between what was dictated and what was transcribed in an outsourced situation as well as with the unreliable voice recognition programs we addressed earlier on our website in the Question and Answer session. 

We at NJ Transcription know there are many qualified living and breathing Medical Transcriptionists right here in the US (and we have trained quite a few of them www.MTPractice.com), so we are firm in our belief that your work should remain here and be transcribed in the country where your medical practice is located.

Confidentiality-Bound, Qualified Transcriptionists:

We thoroughly train your account MT in your specific report requirements as well as proper formatting, terminology, spellings, AAMT/AHDI Guideline thus ensuring proper grammar, usage, and a professional, clean document.  We also routinely screen and QA your work before it is returned to you.

Every NJT MT must sign our Confidentiality Agreement so you know your work is bound and covered against disclosure of PHI (protected health information).  Additionally, as you know, MTs by law are not permitted to ‘guess’ as to what a dictator has said and so we will never ‘guess’ in your work.  Should there ever be a discrepancy, we will gladly place a flag in the report to bring this to your attention for correction before that report is sent from your office.

We transcribe what you say verbatim = Word for Word!

If you can dictate it, we can transcribe it!

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